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Communists Must Give Revolutionary Leadership in Culture
3 Years Ago No One Had Heard of a Brand New Film Scorpio Rising
Ungeschnittene Etiketten für Fluxus Boxen: Flux Combat, Orifice Flux Plugs, Universal Machine
V TRE Fluxus laudatio scripta pro George, No. 10
Poster für den Film Vali (Film-Maker's Distribution Center)
This Is Not Here
Your Thumb Present...
I Wish to Remain on Fluxus Mailing List
JOHN YOKO & FLUX, No. 9 // George Maciunas
John Lennon-Maske
Fluxus Island in Décollage Ocean
Four Chemists
Face Anatomy Mask
Flux Vehicle Day
Einladungskarte Flux Wedding
Black and White Piece
The Circle of the Angels of the New Cinema
Hi-Red Center Fluxclinic
Fluxus cc V TRE Fluxus Fluxus Newspaper No. 2
Film Culture No. 45 (Andy Warhol Issue)
Film Makers' Cinematheque Calendar
Anthology Film Archives
Fight Musical Decoration of Fascism!
Fluxus (its historical development and relationship to avant-garde movements)
The New Voorhees Assembly Programs Douglass College Spring 1971
Composition "Dedicated to all avant garde artists..."
Divertevents One
Happy New Year from Lewis Stein
Composition 1960 #9
Cloud Scissors (Anweisungen für ein Event)
New Cinema Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 1, May 1967
Anthology Film Archives at the Public Theater Entry Pass
Actions, Agit Pop, Dé-Coll/age, Happening, Events, Antiart, L'Autrisme, Art Total, Refluxus // Wolf Vostell
20 Flux Films
20 Flux Films at Anthology Film Archives
Assholes Wallpaper // Ben Vautier
Stomach Anatomy Apron // George Maciunas
Crossed Nude Legs Tablecloth // Robert Watts
Venus de Milo Apron
3 newspaper eVenTs for the pRice... Fluxus Newspaper No. 7
Keine Kunst, Pas d'Art, No Art // Ben Vautier
Fluxus Vacuum TRapEzoid. Fluxus Newspaper No. 5, March, 1965
L'Immortelle Mort du Monde The Deathless Dying of the World // Robert Filliou
Spatial Poem No. 2
This Is Not Here // George Maciunas
The 83rd Fluxus Concert: Fluxorchestra at Carnegie Recital Hall (25. September 1965)
Fluxfest Presents: 12! Big Names!
America Today // George Maciunas
Companeras and Companeros // George Maciunas
U.S.A. Surpasses All the Genocide Records // George Maciunas
Hi-Red Center
Safe Door
Reminiscences of a Journey Home. A Film by Jonas Mekas and Going Home a film by Adolfas Mekas and Pola Chapelle
Name cards // George Maciunas
Phony Express
Name cards // George Maciunas
Name cards // George Maciunas
Name cards
Film-Maker's Cinematheque Gallery of Modern Art Series
Message Card Three
A V TRE EXTRA, Maciunas Dies, No. 11
Lenny Bruce at the Village Theatre, February 17th.
Lenny Bruce at the Village Theatre, 2nd. Ave. & 6th. street
Lenny Bruce at the Village Theatre
Fluxfest Presentation of John Lennon and Yoko Ono + ... at 80 Wooster St. New York
Perpetual Fluxus Festival
Korrespondenz zwischen George Maciunas und dem Generalstaatsanwalt von New York 1974-1975

Fluxsonata by Nam June Paik
Fluxenvelope paper events
Fluxpost 17-17
Fluxpost (Smiles) // George Maciunas
Fluxpost (Aging Man)
Artist's Benefit for Judson Church
Flux Tattoo Hero 603
Flux Tattoo Tattoo 103
Flux Tattoo Tattoo 101
Flux Tattoo Biology 704
Flux Tattoo Fluxwear 303
Flux Tattoo Fluxwear 304
Flux Tattoo Archaeology 900
Flux Tattoo Fluxus 301 / gold
Flux Game Fest
Key Hole
Flux Stationery: Hand in Glove
Fluxus Manifesto // George Maciunas
Untitled portrait (Nam June Paik)
Sky Post Card #1/ 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 9
Down With Art! (contributions by Henry Flynt, Terry Riley, Bob Morris, Walter de Maria, Diana Wakowski, Cornelius Carew and Ben Vautier)
New Army pay rise!
No Smoking
Eric Andersen Event Score Opus 50
Stick on Tattoos (Instruction) // George Maciunas
Yam Postcard
Flux Medicine
Flux Snakes
A Flux Suicide Kit
Revealing Fact
Flux Finger Sweater
Flux Tattoo Fluxus 301 / silver
Flux Tattoo Bandit 201
Film Makers' Cinematheque, July
Eggrump Dance Co
L'Optique Moderne
An Anthology of chance operations, concept art, anti art, indeterminacy, plans of action, diagrams, music, dance constructions, improvization, meaningless work, natural disasters, compositions, mathematics, essays, poetry // George Maciunas
Announcement card for An Anthology
Poster for Recherche d’une nouvelle creation musicale et théâtrale during Fluxus Festival of Total Art and Comportment, Nouveau Casino, Nice, July 27, 1963
Écrit pour la gloire à force de tourner en rond et d'être jaloux 1960–70
Poster for Le Trottoir d'en face
Iced dice (1962)
Fluxhouse brochure for Fluxhouse Cooperative Building Project
Fluxus Vaseline sTREet Fluxus newspaper No. 8
Fluxus Vaudeville TouRnamEnt Fluxus newspaper No. 6
cc V TRE Fluxus Newspaper No. 1
The Postman's Choice