The Postman’s Choice
Zen for Film from Fluxkit
Flux Napkins
Games & Puzzles/Bead Puzzle
Open and Shut Case
Instruction No. 2
Flux Box
4 Flux Drinks
Flux Holes
Flux Papers
4 Flux Drinks
Flux Wall Poem
Revealing Fact
Théâtre d’art total
Paper Fluxwork
Flux Finger Sweater
Cleanliness Flux Kit
E.S.P. Fluxkit (DOP)
Determine the Values
Fluxbox Containing God
Games & Puzzles/Black Ball Puzzle/Bead Puzzle
Closed on Mondays
Potentially Dangerous Electrical Household Appliance
GAAG License Series
Play for George Brecht by Albert M. Fine (second version)
Alphabet Poem abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Version of Dollar Bills in Suede Wallet
Picnic Garbage Placemat
Flux Tattoo Bandit 201
Flux Tattoo Fluxus 301 / silver
Typogramm O
Typogramm a-b-c-…
Un grand Merci (three cancelled artist stamps)
Facsimile Ticket to Grolier Club Exhibitions (1893); Facsimile Ticket to Visit House of Commons (1885); Facsimile Ticket to Perham’s Opera House
A Fluxus Essay
Great Race
Flux Finger Sweater
Revealing Fact
A Flux Suicide Kit
Flux Snakes
Flux White Meditation
Flux Medicine
Yam Postcard
Stick on Tattoos (Instruction) // George Maciunas
Eric Andersen Event Score Opus 50
No Smoking
Flux Stationery: Hand in Glove
Key Hole
Fluxpost (Aging Man)
Fluxpost (Smiles) // George Maciunas
Fluxpost 17-17
Fluxenvelope paper events
Message Card Three
Name cards
Name cards // George Maciunas
Name cards // George Maciunas
Name cards // George Maciunas
Phony Express
Safe Door
Your Thumb Present…
I Wish to Remain on Fluxus Mailing List
Fluxus Island in Décollage Ocean
Four Chemists
Face Anatomy Mask
Composition „Dedicated to all avant garde artists…“
Divertevents One
Assholes Wallpaper // Ben Vautier
Stomach Anatomy Apron // George Maciunas
Crossed Nude Legs Tablecloth // Robert Watts
Venus de Milo Apron
Keine Kunst, Pas d’Art, No Art // Ben Vautier
L’Immortelle Mort du Monde The Deathless Dying of the World // Robert Filliou